Welcome to the World Art Gallery database, a digital version of the gallery's mail art collection.

In this wiki, started on 04 December 2005, we are currently working on 30 articles, and have uploaded 108 pieces of artwork by 68 artists. Anyone can add information of mail art, calls, artists, or artwork display on this site. This digital catalog of WAG includes hundreds of images of artwork by mail artists from around the world. Any art sent to the gallery is included in real world shows, as well as online.

WAG Exhibitions

2005 Snail Mail World Postcard Art Show
SAT: An Exhibit of Chairs

WAG Calls for Entry

Control (deadline 14 March 2006)
Green (14 April 2006)
Where I Am. (14 May 2006)
The Eyes (14 June 2006)
How Sweet it is (14 July 2006)
Incidental (14 August 2006)
2006 Snail Mail World Postcard Art Show (14 September 2006)
Garbage (14 October 2006)
Neck (14 November 2006)

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Calls for entry by other mail artists: Aesthetic Mail, Dashboard Wiggling Hula Girl Doll, Just Imagine, Desire

Featured artwork

neRRaDa's "Air Mail".

neRRaDa on collage "Air Mail": The work is a collage that attempts to embody the international spirit and principles of mail art. Drawing together discrete references such as an English King, a Spanish bullfight, Japanese script and New York graffiti art, the found images are juxtaposed to simultaneously suggest and negate meaning. The use of birds and airmail stamps are postal system puns.

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WAG News

15 AUG 2006: Lorraine Kwan, Debra Gust, Daniele Davalli
4 APR 2006: We're now "wag.wikia.com", as Wikicities has been invested in, and thus renamed itself.
4 APR 2006: So far this site has had visitors from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Morocco, Netherlands, Syrian Arab Republic (Syria), United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam.
30 MAR 2006: New exhibitors include Michael Wang, Matthew Thomas, Matthew Lewis, Matt Rodway, Kanya Kaluarachchi, Jude Hakim, Harveen Dulai, Ginny, Dmitri Silva, and Barbara Ariss.
11 MAR 2006: New exhibitors include Geoff Webster, Christian Simpson, Deepa Krishnan, Erica Parnis, Emma Lewis, Emily Ing, Brandon Ponce, Bernard Turner, Anita Campanelli, and Danielle Toner.
11 MAR 2006: The hanging strings (you'll see once it's done) are being strung at WAG's real world space currently.
10 MAR 2006: New exhibitors include Krista Castelo, Andrea Wang, Alison Jordan, Alexis Roissl, Alex Rodway, and Courtnie Maroll-Slyvester.
04 MAR 2006: New exhibitors include Jordan Aguiar, Andrea Fernandes, Cerise Hewling, Anisha Kumar, Tristan Mac.
20 FEB 2006: World Art Gallery is being built as I type. The fifteen cases will soon be ready to be moved over to Shoppers World, where they will display mail art sent to us, on a rotating basis. - NM

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