15 AUG 2006: Lorraine Kwan, Debra Gust, Daniele Davalli
4 APR 2006: We're now "", as Wikicities has been invested in, and thus renamed itself.
4 APR 2006: So far this site has had visitors from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Morocco, Netherlands, Syrian Arab Republic (Syria), United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam.
30 MAR 2006: New exhibitors include Michael Wang, Matthew Thomas, Matthew Lewis, Matt Rodway, Kanya Kaluarachchi, Jude Hakim, Harveen Dulai, Ginny, Dmitri Silva, and Barbara Ariss.
11 MAR 2006: New exhibitors include Geoff Webster, Christian Simpson, Deepa Krishnan, Erica Parnis, Emma Lewis, Emily Ing, Brandon Ponce, Bernard Turner, Anita Campanelli, and Danielle Toner.
11 MAR 2006: The hanging strings (you'll see once it's done) are being strung at WAG's real world space currently.
10 MAR 2006: New exhibitors include Krista Castelo, Andrea Wang, Alison Jordan, Alexis Roissl, Alex Rodway, and Courtnie Maroll-Slyvester.
04 MAR 2006: New exhibitors include Jordan Aguiar, Andrea Fernandes, Cerise Hewling, Anisha Kumar, Tristan Mac.
20 FEB 2006: World Art Gallery is being built as I type. The fifteen cases will soon be ready to be moved over to Shoppers World, where they will display mail art sent to us, on a rotating basis. - NM